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Friday, 11th Oct, 17:00, arc105/106

Practitioner Talk "Data Science Research and Practice at Lidl"

The data science team Lidl is tasked with the mandate to solve various challenges in the area of business analytics. Business problems it solves range in complexity related to scientific approaches and research efforts as well as practical insights and real life implemetation. We use various approaches that start from classical business intelligence and go beyond to cover Big Data and related technology, deep learning, and explainable AI. In this presentation, Andrey Sharapov (Senior Data Scientist Lidl) will provide you with an overview of data science activities and projects that are currently taking place at Lidl and give you a prospective for future opportunities.

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Barbara Sprick

Prof. Dr. Barbara Sprick


Fakultät für Information, Medien und Design
Studiengangsleiterin Big Data & Business Analytics
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