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International Application Process for International Exchange Students

Application Process
for International Exchange Students

Application Process for International Exchange Students

Within the framework of an Erasmus+ exchange program or any other exchange program, international students are admitted without having to pay tuition fees. Exchange students usually spend one or two semesters at SRH University Heidelberg without taking a degree.

You have to apply online here

Application Process

Exchange students must be nominated by their home university. Please send *name, *e-mail address,* study program directly to the International Office. The nomination will then be confirmed and processed by the respective faculty in a specific selection procedure.

Please note that an English language level of at least B2 is required in order to attend courses taught in English. If exchange students are fluent in German (B2), they are of course most welcome to attend courses taught in German as well. It is the responsibility of the partner university to confirm the language ability, however the SRH might request confirmation of language skills by means of a Skype interview.

Students have to apply online here with all additional documents (only pdf. No hard copies required). Incompleted applications will not be processed.

  • Official transcript of records or confirmation of courses taken at home university
  • Final school leaving certificate/high school graduation certificate (date, grade)
  • Bachelor degree diploma (title, date, grade); (if applicable)
  • One passport-style photo (for student id-card) (jpg)
  • Copy of current passport photo page
  • Proof of proficiency in the German language or English language (depending on the course chosen, at least at B2 level)
  • Learning agreement (Erasmus+)

For fall semester (beginning 1 October): 1 June
For spring semester: 1 November

We have changed from semester-long courses to sequential 5-week blocks (intensive studying of just one or two subjects during a 5 week period). There is no additional exam period, as exams are included within the 5 weeks. 

Academic Year 2016/2017
Week 2016
Block 1Block 2Block 3Block 4Block 5Block 6Block 7Block 8

In each block students can undertake no more than 8 ECTS, 60 ECTS a year.

The respective faculties will inform applicants about the courses open to exchange students. All students – German and international – are offered a variety of foreign language courses (2 ECTS each) free of charge. Courses currently available include French, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese, English and German of course. English and German are taught at different levels, so your language knowledge will be assessed to determine the right level for tuition.

The detailed Transcript of Records will be sent to your home university within 6 weeks.

Any questions? Then contact us.

Bettina Pauley

Bettina Pauley

International Office

Leitung International Office /
Dozentin Marketing (Fakultät für Wirtschaft)
Raum arc 103
Ludwig-Guttmann-Straße 6
69123 Heidelberg
Telefon +49 6221 88-1403 E-Mail schreiben
Ada Ehrmann

Ada Ehrmann

International Office

Raum arc 103
Ludwig-Guttmann-Straße 6
69123 Heidelberg
Telefon +49 6221 88-2005 E-Mail schreiben