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Betriebswirtschaft / International Business - specializing in Watersports Management
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Make your passion your profession!

Watersports are multifaceted, trendy, fun and have a significant economic impact.

Our Bachelor’s programs in “International Business” specializing in “Watersports Management” or "Betriebswirtschaft - Studienrichtung Watersports Management" will enable you to understand the connections between business thinking and watersport organizations in an international context. The program applies all basic business functions to the watersports industry. Due to our traveling classroom concept students will have the opportunity to experience the watersports industry first hand.



I'm just a surfer who wanted to build something that would allow me to surf longer.

Jack O'Neil

Content and objectives of the program

The CORE Principle (Competence Oriented Research and Education)

At our university we combine the acquisition of skills and the joy of learning. We place active and independent learning at the heart of everything we do. Only those who act and learn independently can surpass themselves, acquire knowledge and skills and take on responsibility for themselves and for others.

Students at SRH University Heidelberg possess all they need for the working world: knowledge, skills and key qualifications.

More details about the CORE Principle

Within the first and second year, students will gain the basic knowledge of the business with both an international focus.

Gain industry experience via our strong partner network, internships and practical projects.

During your studies you will study 3-4 courses at a location by the water.

Students will experience individual watersports by themselves in order to better understand specific client’s passion and needs. An entire module will consist of field trips to watersports companies and providers of watersports services. In this module instructor licenses in the relevant watersports fields (e.g. diving, sailing, kiting, wind or wave surfing, SUP etc.) will be accepted as part of the examination. Qualifications from other institutions (e.g. VDST, CMAS, PADI, DSV, DWWV) will also be accepted. We also offer, due to our cooperation with the VDWS, special packages for VDWS instructor licenses (optional/extra costs).

Via the combination of traveling classroom, an internship and a thesis, students can study over the course of their studies in total up to one year by the water.

Guest lecturers will give you first-hand insights into the industry. Field trips to manufacturers and watersports centers will provide students with practical and sport experiences.

The cultivation of occupational competencies, which are demanded by the labor market, enables you to act independently and successfully.

  • Professional Competence Learn how to reproduce and link acquired knowledge, correlate practical experience with professional terminology and understand important theories!
  • Methodological Competence Learn how to use efficient strategies and work techniques appropriately!
  • Self-Competence Continuously improve your professional performance through self-reflection!
  • Social Competence Learn how to work with goal- and results-oriented projects in a team!

Our academic year is divided into eight 5-week blocks. In each block, two parallel classes (at the most) may be taken. Studies begin with a 14-day introductory module at the start of the degree. Targeted learning is on offer from day one with a university-wide preparatory phase to acquire basic study skills.

During your studies you will have the option to gain an instructor’s license within your favorite watersports field.

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.

William Arthur Ward

Career, perspectives & partner network

Focus on Employability

Everything we do is focused on bringing our students into pole position for their careers. Due to our general and international business education a wide range of job perspectives can be offered –including outside the watersports industry. You will be qualified to work in areas of human resources, marketing, communication or sales, in industrial as well as service companies. Alternative options include careers in market research institutions, advertising agencies, management consultancies, taxation, accounting and auditing consultancies, banks or insurance companies. International career opportunities are also possible as you will be empowered with a global perspective and an understanding of worldwide business. You will be also well prepared to successfully venture into self-employment.

Job Opportunities in all Management Fields

  • Watersport Centers
  • Boating and Watersports Equipment Manufacturers
  • Service Companies within the Watersport Industry
  • Sporting Event Management
  • Representation of Professional Athletes
  • Sports Infrastructure and Marina Management
  • Tourism & Beach Resorts
  • Jobs in any other field outside the watersport
  • …and many more

Strong Partner Network

We at the SRH University Heidelberg are working with various organizations within the watersports industry. Be part of strong network within the industry. Get exclusive insights, internships, knowledge and jobs.

As a diver you are weightless and can move in all directions. You approach the freedom of a bird as you move in three dimensions in a fluid environment.

Dennis Graver

Make your passion your profession!

A degree in International Business with Watersports Management, combining your passion in watersports with the acquisition of management know-how, provides you with the competencies for a successful professional career.

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