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General Studies at SRH University Heidelberg

General Studies at SRH University Heidelberg

In accordance with our didactic model CORE (Competence Oriented Research & Education), our General Studies aim to develop competencies, which will be directly useful for both your studies and later in your professional life.

In Presence through Authenticity, for example, you will learn how to become more quick-witted, credible, spontaneous and convincing. You will learn how to reach people with passion and charisma through a good appearance! This is what you will need for your job interview and when the HR Manager asks you about your own career goals. In fact, you will already need this authenticity in your next lecture when you have to present the results of a group work.

In Effective Learning you will deal with memory and learning techniques, speed reading and efficient time & priority management. These are essential skills to be continuously successful in your studies and career.

Or let's take a look at the Basic Digital Skills course: Here you will learn how to use the basic tools required for your studies and career, such as MS Word or MS Excel.

Use our General Studies offer as an opportunity to explore a wide range of topics, broaden your horizons, experience something new and stimulating and develop and mature your personality.

Enjoy our newly compiled offer for the Winter Semester 2020 / 2021!

Course programme General Studies

The registration for the General Studies courses is open from the 1st of October, 2020 (for Winter Semester 2020) and the 1st of March, 2021 (for Summer Semester 2021) via your student portal CampusNet.

The registration period ends one week before the first course date. Please read the FAQs for detailed information.

You can download an overview of the current seminars by clicking on the box below. Please note the respective course language is B2 for all courses (English or German). In September, 2021 we don’t offer any General Studies courses. In October, 2021 you can register for the courses in Winter Semester 2021.




Registration for the courses usually opens at the beginning of the semester. In the case of seminars and workshops published on the website on short notice, registration will be open immediately. Registration is possible at the latest one week before the course date.

Registration takes place via your student portal CampusNet. Under "My Studies" you will find the link to the registration for the language courses and General Studies.

For the language courses you will receive 2 (ECTS CP) after successfully passing the exam. The workload of each course is defined on the certificates and each faculty decides about the recognition of credits.

The recognition of the courses isa decision of the examination offices of the faculties. The exact recognition rules/information can be obtained directly from your faculty contact person. For example at the School of Economics, courses such as Entrepreneurship, Scientific Work, Keynote, Intercultural Communication, etc. may be recognized within the module "Applied Scientific Work" (Bachelor curriculum), at the Faculty of Therapeutic Sciences may recognisze some courses as an elective. If you are a student of another faculty, please contact your examination office for recognition rules.

If you are skipping a course without having officially cancelled your registration, you will unfortunately be banned from the General Studies courses for the upcoming semester. In case of illness, you will of course be excused, just like in the case of an examination (please provide proof of illness).

There are no fees for the courses. In exceptional cases, e.g. language courses, you will have to purchase learning material/books yourself.

Please contact in order to receive your certificate.

A cancellation is possible at the latest one week before the first course date.

You can cancel your registration directly onCampusNet. If the course is already closed and cancellation is no longer possible, please send an e-mail with the reason for your cancellation to

A confirmation of the course participants will be given to us directly by the lecturers. Therefore, we do not need any proof from you. After you were present on all course dates, you will receive automatically a certificate from us via e-mail by the end of the corresponding block. This certificate can be used, for example in your job application.

Any Questions? Then contact us.

Sandra Reiland-Wilhelm


Coordinator General Studies and Career Advisory Service
Room arc 102
Ludwig-Guttmann-Straße 6
69123 Heidelberg
Telephone +49 (0) 6221 6799 911
Fax +49 (0) 6221 6799 1
Send an e-mail

Kamilla Prutek


Team Leader Admission Office and Student Counselling
Country Representatives Malaysia, Poland
Room Arc 102
Ludwig-Guttmann-Straße 6
69123 Heidelberg
Telephone +49 (0) 6221 6799 917 Send an e-mail