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General Studies


How do I best prepare myself for an upcoming job interview? What do I have to consider during a job interview? How should I appear? How can a HR-manager become aware of me? Find with us the answers to these questions before attending a job interview.

The course descriptions at a glance

Language: English
Lecturer: Jessica Kulczycki & Lukas Berger

Course description:

  • This interactive course is designed to encourage you to identify your own skills and use them in your application process.
  • The analysis of job advertisements will help you through practical exercises to recognize requirement profiles and you will be able to integrate these purposefully into your application.
  • In addition, you will gain the knowledge of how to fully prepare for your job interview. Through the interactive exercises you will also strengthen your self-confidence and can thus leave a positive impression in the company.

Language: English
Lecturer: Stephanie Mirzwa

Learning objectives:

at the end of this webinar you will know…

  • ...which advantages the Business Network LinkedIn offers you.
  • employers use LinkedIn for recruiting students and young professionals.
  • to best design your own LinkedIn profile to attract the attention of potential employers.
  • to increase your own visibility and online reputation on LinkedIn.
  • you can build and expand your networking activities on LinkedIn.
  • you can actively search for jobs on LinkedIn.

Further topics of General Studies

Basic Digital Skills
Soft Skills and Communication
Business Topics / Management Skills

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