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General Studies
Soft Skills und Communication

Soft Skills and Communication

Working in a team, coordinating a meeting, giving presentations, intercultural thinking – it goes without saying that these skills are required for all students. But what if the right words are missing? How can you deal with stage fright and speak freely?

The course description at a glance

Language: English
Lecturer: Friedrich Ittner

Course description:

How do YOU deal with (rapid) changes? What do YOU need to feel save? Where are YOU aiming with your personal (Heros-) Journey? And finally, what is the best way to deal with challenges? These are the core questions of our Seminar, the Inner Journey. During the course, we will conjointly find out what supports YOU to vividly walk your way and master major challenges. Focus: #ressources #courage #MagicHat #COACH-State #S.A.F.E.T.Y.

Language: English
Lecturer: Ridha Mejri (M.A., D.E.A.)

Course description:

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the reasons for the differences between national cultures and how to handle & evaluate these differences
  • Learning especially what to consider when communication and negotiating with people from different cultures and how to motivate and lead them
  • Improving your intercultural competences & developing cultural awareness
  • Acquiring the basic terms of intercultural competences (e.g. stereotypes, the iceberg model, cultural dimensions, culture shock, etc.)
  • Strengthening your own self-confidence when dealing with other cultures

Language: English
Lecturer: Harald Drescher

Course description:

This interactive course provides you to improve your presentation skills. This includes intensive discussion of presentation techniques, body language, communication skills and dealing with stress situations. The aim of the course is to enable you to present confidently in front of people and to inspire your participants with your topic.

Debating (English)

Sprache: Englisch Dozenten: Prof. Dr. phil. Knut Eming / Vanessa Vierling

  • Debates with students of all faculties
  • Training of linguistic & argumentative skills
  • Confidence for oral exams, presentations or even the colloquium

Further topics of General Studies

Basic Digital Skills
Business Topics / Management Skills

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