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Language Courses

Language Courses Foreign languages for everybody

We offer the following language courses starting January 20th, 2020, you can register from January 1st, 2020 via CampusNet.


Language CourseLecturerLevel RoomDay & Time
Japanese IINoriyo Hoozawa-ArkenauA 1.2 t33Wednesday 5.30 pm
Spanish IMaria-Luisa Flores-SchwenkA1.1 t43Tuesday 7.00 pm
Spanish IIMaria-Luisa Flores-SchwenkA1.3 t43Tuesday 5.30 pm
German A 1.1Alina PradeA 1.1 t21Tuesday 7.00 pm
German A 1.2Ada EhrmannA 1.2 t12Wednesday 5.30 pm
German A 2Alina PradeA 1.2 t21Monday 7.00 pm
German A 2Alina PradeA 2.2 t21Monday 5.30 pm
German B-CAda EhrmannB-C t21Friday 1.00 pm
Russian IILina TschupikovaA 1.2 t42 (from Jan. 29th)Wednesday 7.00 pm

Registration Registration via CampusNet is possible from January 1st 2020, courses start on January 20th, 2020

We offer the language Courses for students of SRH University Heidelberg only. The courses take place once a week and last 90 minutes. The course duration is 10 weeks. With an attendance of minimum 80% as well as a successful exam you will achieve 2 ECTS. The courses are basically cost free – you just have to pay for your own textbook and workbook.

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