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Language courses
discover foreign languages – broaden your horizons

Language courses Foreign languages for everybody- Application for the fall courses via CampusNet active until October 09

Learn a new language or deepen your existing knowledge in order to optimally prepare for a stay abroad at one of our numerous international cooperation universities. Use the foreign language you have learned for the first exchange with your international fellow students and thereby take the opportunity to make new friends. Discover the languages as "keys to the world" (Wilhelm von Humboldt).

Our language courses start again from 12th of October 2020 - Registration possible until 09th October via your student's Webportal

Please note that almost all courses for the winter semester will be offered digitally due to the COVID19 situation. Unfortunately, Chinese language courses cannot be offered in autumn 2020, probably there will be further dates starting in January 2021.

The teaching language in some courses is German, so for understanding the explanations of the lecturer a minimum level of a good A2 (better B1) in German is necessary.


Course OverviewPublication Student PortalRegistration Student PortalCourse Time
Autumn 202020th of September 202025th of September until 09th of October12th of October until 19th of December
Winter 202116th of November01st of December until 08th of January 202111th of January until 19th of March 2021
Spring 20211st of April30th of April until 14th of May 202117th of May until 23th of July 2021



The limits of my language mean the limits of my world

(Ludwig Wittgenstein)

with our offer of language courses as part of Studium Generale we support you in expanding your world.

Overview of the courses 12.10.2020 – 18.12.2020 (all courses are announced with German Time!)

LanguageTeaching languageLecturerLevel Day / TimeRoom / Digital
Spanish IGermanMaria-Luisa Flores-SchwenkA1, A1.3Tuesday, 5:30 pmDigital MS Teams
Spanish IIGermanMaria-Luisa Flores-SchwenkA1, A1.1Tuesday, 7:00 pmDigital MS Teams
German IEnglishAda EhrmannA1.1Wednesday, 11:00 amDigital MS Teams
German IGermanAlina PradeA1.1Monday, 7:00 pmDigital MS Teams
German IIGermanAlina PradeA2Monday, 5:30 pmDigital MS Teams
German IIEnglishAda EhrmannA2Friday, 1:00 pmDigital MS Teams
German IIIEnglish Ada EhrmannB-C Definition of the final teaching Level according to the Knowledge of the participantsFriday, 11:30 amDigital MS Teams
Russian IGermanLina TschupikowaA1.1Wednesday, 5:30 pmDigital MS Teams
Russian IIGermanLina TschupikowaA1.2Wednesday, 7:00 pmDigital MS Teams
French IGermanAngelika BogeA1 – A2 Definition of the final teaching level according to the knowledge of the participants Monday, 7:00 pm On Campus
English IIGermanAngelika BogeB2Monday, 5:30 pmOn Campus
Japanese IGermanHoriyo Hoozawa-ArkenauA1.1Wednesday, 5:30 pmDigital MS Teams
Japanese IIGermanHoriyo Hoozawa-ArkenauA1.2Wednesday, 7:00 pmDigital MS Teams
Italian IGermanSabine Natalizia-GutekunstA1Tuesday, 11:15 amOn Campus
English for therapeutical professionsGermanMarion Erbnext start 14.01.2021Digital Zoom
German for therapeutical professionsGermanMarion Erbnext start 14.01.2021Digital Zoom

Registration Registration via CampusNet is possible from 25th of September 2020

We offer the language Courses for students of SRH University Heidelberg only.

The courses take place once a week and last 90 minutes. The course duration is 10 weeks. With an attendance of minimum 80% as well as a successful exam you will achieve 2 ECTS.

The courses are basically cost free – you just have to pay for your own textbook and workbook.

Any Questions? Then contact us!

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