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How to start a career in Germany - introduction to International Welcome Centre

Are you an international student planning to look for employment in Germany after your graduation? Then register for the workshop offered by the Welcome Centre Rhine-Neckar.

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Kamilla Prutek

Admission Office and Student Advisory Service | Supervisor | Country Ambassador Malaysia and Poland +49 (0) 6221-6799-917

Are you an international student and planning to look for employment in Germany after graduation?

You're probably wondering how to prepare your application documents and what criteria a recruiter looks for when deciding whether to invite someone for an interview. Then once you land the interview - what questions can be asked, how do you answer them, and how do you best convey your skills in the short time available? All these questions, as well as other topics concerning your application, will be explained in detail in the ISW seminar.

The workshop is completely in German language - B2 German language skills are desirable. Please not that it is mandatory to participate in all parts of the workshop.

The workshop is finance by the “Welcome Center Rhine Neckar” with the support from the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Housing, Baden-Württemberg. The workshop is free of charge for the participants.

After successful participation in the workshop you can receive a certificate from the General Studies Programme of SRH University Heidelberg and possibly gain Credit Points. The decision of recognition of this CPs can only be made by the faculty.

Dates (German time):

  • 30th November 2021, 4pm-7pm
  • 1st December 2021, 4 pm-7 pm
  • 2nd December 2021, 4pm-7pm
  • 3rd Decemver 2021, 2pm-4:30pm

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