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Getting started

Study and live in Germany

Living and studying in a foreign country, an unknown culture may be a challenge at first. But you will overcome the culture shock: learn some German, try German bread, attend traditional festivals and travel all over Europe!

Mandatory Orientation Session
The International Office will organize Orientation during your first week, provide social and cultural advice, and link you up with other international students. And we will always be happy to assist you with formalities or any problems you may encounter.

Enrollment at Central Students’ Services
You have to show up in person in order to enroll at SRH University Heidelberg. Please bring the following documents:

  • Your notification of admission
  • Originals of: secondary school leaving certificate, university degree certificate (if applicable)
  • Passport with visa 

One day after enrollment your student ID card can be issued at Maria-Probst-Strasse 3 (ground floor). Your student ID is a multi-functional chip card that serves as identification and is needed for photocopying, the parking garage, and the canteen.

Heidelberg has an excellent local public transportation system, which students can ride inexpensively (€ 155) using the Semesterticket. It is valid for 6 months, and you can buy it at Maria-Probst-Str.3 or at the main train station as soon as you have enrolled.

More information

In Germany, all residents and visitors staying for longer than three months must register with the authorities. Once you have found accommodation, you have to inform the Residents’ Registration Office of your place of residence within one week.

Students who live on campus have to go to the Residents’ Registration Office in Heidelberg-Wieblingen, Mannheimer Str. 259, and fill in a registration form (Anmeldebescheinigung).

All other students have to go to their local Registration Office. Please ask your landlord where it is.

You will need the following documents to register: your passport (and visa) and your tenancy agreement or a statement from your landlord that you have moved in. You may also be asked to provide confirmation of enrolment. The International Office or your student mentor will assist you here.

Please note: Anyone who lives in Germany and moves to a new location is required to inform the Residents’ Registration Office of their new place of residence within one week of moving in.

The formalities involved in obtaining a residence permit depend on which country you come from.

For students of an EU member state, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland: You will receive a certificate confirming your right of residence when you register at the Residents’ Registration Office.

For students from a country other than those listed above: After you have registered at the Residents’ Registration Office, you will have to go to the Aliens’ Registration Office (Ausländerbehörde) in your city to apply for a residence permit.

For Heidelberg, the Aliens’ Registration Office is at Bergheimer Str.69 (Bürgeramt). The email address is: You have to make an appointment for your application.

Be prepared to present the following documents on request:

  • Confirmation of registration from the Residents’ Registration Office
  • Confirmation of health insurance coverage
  • Confirmation of enrolment from SRH University Heidelberg
  • Proof of financial resources
  • Your passport and current visa, if you have one
  • Money for the residence permit fee
  • Your tenancy agreement
  • Biometric passport photos 

You will then be issued a residence permit valid for at least one year and a maximum of two years. It can be extended if necessary.

Be sure to renew your residence permit before your current visa/residence permit expires, even if you have not yet collected all the necessary documents. In this case, you will receive a provisional proof of application for the residence permit.

It is advisable to open a current account at a bank because you can only transfer money to other accounts at no additional cost if you have a bank account. In Germany, almost every regular money transaction is done by bank transfer. This applies to monthly payments like rent and insurance, as well as to salaries and grant or scholarship payments.

If you present your enrolment certificate, most banks will be willing to open a student account. Some banks may request a copy of your registration form or your rental contract. Each bank offers different terms, although students usually get checking accounts free of bank charges and fees.

The largest banks in Germany are Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank, Commerzbank, Postbank, and Sparkasse.

Deutsche Bank: Adenauer Platz 1, (near Bismarckplatz)
Santander Consumer Bank: Rohrbacher Straße 8 (near Bismarckplatz)

Any questions? Then contact us.

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