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International Information & Application The Baden-Wuerttemberg Scholarship

The Baden-Wuerttemberg Scholarship

The Baden-Wuerttemberg Scholarship for university students is offered every year to the universities in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

The programme’s purpose is to support international exchange between highly qualified German and foreign students. Furthermore, the scholarship programme increases the competitiveness of Baden-Wuerttemberg’s universities for the recruitment of the best internationally mobile students and postgraduates.

Only nominated students of partner universities of SRH University Heidelberg or students of SRH University Heidelberg who will study at one of our non-European Partner universities can apply for this scholarship.

For the application you have to upload the following documents in the BWS World Portal. You get the link to the Portal from the contact person mentioned below.

1. Application form (from BWS World Portal)

2. Certificate of enrollment

3. Motivation letter for your study abroad

4. Curriculum vitae

5. New certificate of performance of your home University (not older than 4 weeks).

6. Letter of recommendation from a Professor of your home University

7. English or German Language certificate, if you are not from an English or German speaking country (TOEFL or others)

8. Other certificates (e.g. certificates for voluntary work....)



Baden-Wuerttemberg scholars 2016/17 (Outgoings and Incomings)