Hygiene Measures during the Corona Pandemic

at SRH University Heidelberg

Hygiene Measures at SRH University Heidelberg during the Corona Pandemic

Dear colleagues and students,

To minimise the risk of infection, we want to inform you that on SRH University Heidelberg Campus (including Campus Calw), everyone needs to follow the Corona Ordinance of the state of Baden-Württemberg, regarding infection-protective measures against the spread of the SARS-Cov-2 Virus (COVID-19).

Access to University Buildings
Accessing university buildings is only permitted for persons not exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 infection. Please read posted notices on buildings before entering for a full list of restrictions.

Hygiene Measures
The university's hygiene measures rely heavily on personal responsibility and cooperation. Simple hygiene measures play an important role in protecting oneself and others from exposure/spreading COVID-19.

These measures apply outdoors on the campus and inside of university buildings.

  1. 2-meter distance between people
  2. Masks especially if the distance requirement cannot be observed
  3. Hand disinfection and proper handwashing are among the most important measures for preventing infection and fighting disease. In general, keep your hands away from your face and avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily.
  4. Lifts - are limited to two to four persons depending on the size of the lifts. Please follow the instructions at the entrance of the lifts.
  5. Private Toilets (with washbasins) can only be used by a single person
  6. Queues and group formations are to be strictly avoided
  7. Seating arrangements, to ensure proper spacing, are to be followed
  8. Ventilation in event rooms (airing before, during and after events)
  9. Rooms must be entered in one direction and exited in the other direction – to ensure proper distance

The university will ensure that the rooms and materials are properly cleaned. If your teaching/learning event requires additional rules of conduct and measures, you will be informed separately by your lecturer.

Data Collection
The Corona Ordinance require universities to collect data from everyone, including first and last name, address, date and period of attendance, and telephone number. The obligation to collect data applies to all in-person activities inside the university. This documentation tracks possible chains of infection and must be kept for four weeks and then deleted.

At SRH University Heidelberg, the data is collected via a QR code, which you can find in all teaching/learning rooms. Every visitor who enters a room with a posted QR code is required to enter their data.

Many Thanks for your cooperation!

Stay healthy!
Your University Management

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