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Landingpage World Water Day

World Water Day
22nd March 2021

World Water Day The ‘Invaluable’ Water

Water, being the lifeline, is an obvious priceless supporting element for the survival of the earth and its environment. For eons, it has been an essential commodity in our daily chores, such as cooking, washing, irrigation, cleaning, and several others. However, with ever-increasing population and advancing lifestyle, our environment is adversely affected, thus resulting in severe water crisis. The report by the World Bank showing that about 2.2 billion people have no access to quality drinking water shows the perilous state of a commodity that was once easy accessible but is now increasingly scarce.

Furthermore, accelerated climate change from increased industrial activities and changing lifestyles have had devastating impacts on the quality of water all across the world. For instance, frequent floods, increasing water level, melting polar caps, irregular rains and droughts are some of the numerous repercussions of global warming.

Being responsible inhabitants on this planet, we cannot just remain as mere receivers of its resources but also must take concrete steps to protect Mother Earth from being further vulnerable. And thus, let us promise ourselves on World Water Day on 22.03.2021, to ensure accountable usage of water resources to sustain the present and the future.

Events -Online participation also possible-


  • Presentations from international water experts to actual topics
  • Find the preliminary program here!


  • Water Art Exhibition
  • Poster on topic of Water2Me: Submit your poster and be awarded. The best poster from a student gives the participation for our summer school Neckar Now!

CITY-RALLY HEIDELBERG: Water Exploration Rally Heidelberg

  • Discover Heidelberg with the Explorer-App and learn new facts about water and architectural highlights. Participate also at the rally in Heidelberg or online and discover Heidelberg with us.


  • Water Saving Awareness and Catch the Drop and Questions/Answers on water related issues with: Prof. Dr. Aksel, Dr. Bedu-Addo and students from the Master course Water Technology (M.Eng.)


  • Be our guest in a challenging and highly rewarding pitch competition
  • or submit your own project idea!


  • Take part in the paining competition! Submit your picture and win a prize!
  • We send experiment set for your own water lab at home!

Registration needed!

Registration World Water Day


Call for Posters / Project Ideas

Posters on topic of water2me:

  • what water means to you?
  • why is water important to you?
  • how water is getting polluted and preventive measures
  • how can we save water ?
  • water reuse systems
  • water in excess quantity


Before submitting your poster, please read our consent form carefully and sign it and send it back to us together with your poster.

Project Pitch

Do you have an idea to change water usage water pollution water scarcity or You think it is high time for digital technologies to enter water industry and have an idea to do that?

Are you ready to pitch your idea before experts and potential investors?


Before submitting the summary of your project idea, please read our consent form carefully and sign it and send it back to us together with your poster.

What are your ideas about valuing water? Note them down on the pin board from DWA

The project (Project ID 57546481) is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The implementing funding organization is the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)



Any questions? Then contact us.

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Gayh


an der School of Engineering and Architecture,
Dean of studies Water Technology M.Eng.
Room 212b
Bonhoefferstr. 11
69123 Heidelberg
Telephone +49 6221 6799 320
Fax +49 6221 6799 302
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Prof. Benjamin Zierock


Fakultät für Information, Medien und Design
Professur für Design und Innovationsentwicklung
Kurfürstenanlage 52
69123 Heidelberg
Telephone +49 6221 32192010 Send an e-mail

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Aksel


an der School of Engineering and Architecture
Gastdozentur gefördert vom Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)
Room 313
Bonhoefferstr. 11
69123 Heidelberg
Telephone +49 6221 6799 323
Fax +49 6221 6799 302
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Annette Schneider

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Annette Schneider


und Studiengangsleiterin für Kindheitspädagogik (B.A.) an der Fakultät für Sozial- und Rechtswissenschaften; Leitung Praktikantenamt
Room arc114
Ludwig-Guttmann-Str. 6
69123 Heidelberg
Telephone +49 6221 6799 418
Fax +49 6221 6799 402
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