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Democratia - Aqua - Technica II

The Democratia-Aqua-Technica network focuses on the development of innovative solutions for sustainable water resource management to promote the reduction of regional and local conflicts and civil society engagement.

Project team

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Gayh | Prof. Dr. Maja Turk-Sekulić (Serbia) Email: / Phone: +381 021/485-2498 | Prof. Dr. Yasemin Yilmazel (Turkey)

Heidelberg, School of Engineering and Architecture

Democratia - Aqua - Technica

The interdisciplinary project is represented by five universities: SRH University of Applied Sciences Heidelberg, University Novi Sad, Middle East Technical University, Moscow State University of Civil Engineering and Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

In 2021, four events will be held: a hackathon, a study visit to Germany, a hands-on Young Scientist Research Week in Serbia and a final digital conference. 

  • 03.09.21 - 02:00 - 05:15 p.m.: Workshop Scientific Poster Creation including Augmented Reality, Isabelle Schulz, Dr.  Enis Yazici
  • November 2022:
    • Insights to the German Water Management, Rüdiger Heidebrecht, DWA
    • Introduction to Modelling with Hydromantis
    • Introduction to Modeling with Super Pro Designer
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