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CHE University Ranking – SRH University Heidelberg gets top marks

SRH University Heidelberg students majoring in Business Administration, Business Law, and Business Psychology awarded very high marks, especially for support services, exams, and support during practical phase.

SRH University Heidelberg received top marks from its students majoring in Business Administration and Business Law in the latest CHE University Ranking. The university scored in the top group for the criteria of support, study organisation, and exams. Praise was accorded in both majors for very good contact with the industry. In addition, the Business Administration students were very satisfied with the support provided during studies and for stays abroad, courses offered, support during the practical phase, and job market preparation. Students majoring in Business Law particularly praised the overall study situation and contact with the industry. The Business Psychology major was included in the CHE University Ranking for the first time this year. Support during the study entry phase and contact with the industry were evaluated as very good in this major at SRH University Heidelberg.

“We are delighted by the outstanding achievement of our university in the current CHE University Ranking,” says Prof. Dr. Carsten Diener, President of SRH University Heidelberg. “We want to equip our students for success by giving them the skills they need for their future careers. The fact that we score so well in the criteria of support and practical phase support, reaffirms this approach.” SRH University Heidelberg teaches according to the CORE Principle (Competence-Oriented Research and Education), which puts the focus on the students and gives them skills for their professions in a targeted way. “In our study model, students concentrate on a subject for five weeks, then take an exam. These exams are practice-oriented and measure precisely the skills the students will need for their future careers,” explains Prof. Dr. Carolin Sutter, Head of the SRH Academy of Higher Education. “The good evaluation by the students for these criteria shows that they appreciate this approach.”

The students give positive mention, especially to the way exams are spaced out over time, the transparency of the system, and the match between the courses offered and the exam requirements.

In this year’s university ranking, for which CHE assessed more than 300 universities, SRH University Heidelberg is represented in the subject areas of Business Law, Business Administration, and Business Psychology. Degree programmes in International Business, Engineering, and Business Informatics also received positive evaluations. In addition to the course of studies, teaching, facilities, and research, the ranking includes judgements from approximately 120,000 students on the study environment at their university. The ranking can be found online at:

The results in overview:

Business Law

Ranked in the top group in the criteria of study situation, study organisation, contact with the industry, exams, and rooms; the ratings in this major make SRH University Heidelberg one of the best universities in a Germany-wide comparison. “Extremely motivated instructors and very good connection to practice,” writes one student in the detailed evaluation in the ranking.

Business Administration:

Ranked in the top group in the criteria of courses offered, study organisation, support services, support in studies, exams, stays abroad, job market preparation, rooms, and support during practical phase. Support during the study entry phase and the international orientation are also above average. “One of the aspects I appreciate most about SRH is the teaching method, which is very engaging and interactive,” says one student.

Business Psychology:

Very good evaluations in the criteria of support during studies and contact with work environment.

The CHE University Ranking

The CHE University Ranking is a very detailed assessment of hundreds of thousands of students at German and Austrian higher education institutions, regarding all aspects of their university - there are numerous features considered, including teaching, the programmes, equipment, research, support and more. Each year different fields of study are assessed and then reassessed every 3 years in a cycle. This year contained business-related topics, whereas other subjects offered at the university will be assessed in the coming years.

SRH University Heidelberg

As one of the oldest and largest private universities in Germany, SRH University Heidelberg offers 32 innovative courses of study in the fields of computer science, media and design, business, engineering and architecture, social science, law and therapeutic sciences and psychology. SRH University Heidelberg epitomizes innovative education: For its unique study model, the “CORE principle” (Competence-Oriented Research and Education), it was awarded the Genius Loci Award for Teaching Excellence in 2018 for the promotion of education, science and innovation by the Stifterverband and the Volkswagen Stiftung. More than 3,400 students prepare for their professional careers at the Heidelberg campus. The university includes six faculties as well as the Heidelberg Academy for Psychotherapy (HAP), the Institute for Scientific Education and Personnel Development (IWP), the university's own Research Institute, and the Founder Institute. The SRH University Heidelberg is state recognized and was accredited by the German Council of Science and Humanities. It is part of a strong network of eight SRH universities in Berlin, Dresden, Gera, Hamm, Heidelberg, Riedlingen and in Paraguay, as well as the EBS University for Economy and Law in Wiesbaden/Oestrich-Winkel. SRH Higher Education GmbH is the sole shareholder.

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