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Students from South America Come to Heidelberg to Study

SRH University Heidelberg is expanding its cooperation with German schools abroad and partner schools in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

Study abroad in Germany? Many graduates of German-language secondary schools in foreign countries seek to pursue this goal. SRH University Heidelberg is now taking advantage of the Support Initiative for German Schools Abroad and Partner Schools (BIDS) to support these young people in their transition from secondary school to university education in Germany.

“Welcome to the World of CORE” is the name of the project launched in January 2020. It aims to foster international pupils’ interest in university study in Germany and to familiarize them with the CORE (Competence-Oriented Research and Education) Study Model. The project offers graduates of PASCH schools (German schools abroad and partner schools) in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay the opportunity to learn about the extensive range of courses offered by SRH University Heidelberg at informational events in their home countries and also within the framework of a trial week of study and cultural programmes at the SRH campus in Heidelberg campus. The trial week offers prospective students a taste of campus life, allowing them to attend classes and lectures, and also to meet in person with instructors and current international students. In addition, the trial goes a long way in preparing prospective students for studying and living in Germany. Starting in the winter semester of 2021, the university will award a motivational scholarship for the first year of study at SRH University Heidelberg to an international freshman who graduated from one of the PASCH schools. The goal is to facilitate access to university study in Germany.

“We have a strong international orientation and want to intensify our efforts at the secondary school level as well. We are bundling individual internationalisation measures with the programme to supplement and professionalize these efforts”, said Prof. Dr. Carsten Diener, President of SRH University Heidelberg. “PASCH pupils are introduced to the German language and culture early on. They are very motivated and know what to expect when they come to Germany to study. We are excited about welcoming them to our university with the help of the BIDS project“, stated Kamilla Prutek, who is heading the project at SRH University Heidelberg.

The Federal Foreign Office’s PASCH initiative links more than 2,000 schools in a global network with the goal of intensifying cooperation with secondary schools abroad. The Support Initiative for German Schools Abroad and Partner Schools (BIDS) is organized by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) as part of PASCH. The purpose of the support initiative is to strengthen networking between German universities and PASCH schools abroad.

Find additional information on the BIDS project at SRH University Heidelberg here.

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