Erasmus+ for your internship abroad

You have been a degree seeking student at SRH University Heidelberg for at least one year. You have found an internship and signed the internship contract within Europe? Then you are eligible for application for the Erasmus+ programme.

Your mobility funding
Your mobility funding

Amount of funding 2021/22

The Erasmus+ mobility funding depends on the country group. You will get the Erasmus+ funding in 2 rates, 70 % shortly before your departure, 30 % after your return (after the completion of all formalities).

  • Country group 1 – € 555 per month for internships in Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom
  • Country group 2 – € 495 per month for internships in Belgium, Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus
  • Country group 3 – € 435 per month for internships in Bulgaria, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Czech. Republic, Turkey, Hungary.

There is no guarantee to Erasmus+ funding! 

Students with handicaps can get an additional grant for an Erasmus+ Semester abroad.

How to apply
Get your documents ready

Before your internship abroad

As soon as you have your signed internship contract, please fill and submit the following documents (Download on the right side) to the International Office, Erasmus+ coordinator Iris Ulbrich. After max. 4 weeks you will get the 1st rate of your Erasmus+ funding:

  • Erasmus+ Learning Agreement for traineeships before the mobility (with all 3 signatures: Internship coordinator of your faculty, internship coordinator of your receiving inistitution, your own signature.
  • Erasmus+ Grant Agreement (agreement with your data, your account number and exact dates of your internship).
  • Take the 1st online language test (OLS) in the language which you have chosen within 4 weeks after you have received the mail with the link for it.
  • Take care of your health, liability and accident insurance as these three insurances are obligatory for internships abroad! For questions you can refer to the International Office. We propose the combined insurance of DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) as this insurance covers almost all risks.

After beginning your internship abroad

  • If there are any changes of your internship, please send the Erasmus+ Learning Agreement for Traineeships, during the Mobility with the signature of your guest institution to the Erasmus+ coordinator.
  • Very important: During the last week at your guest institution let the total duration of your stay conirm by letting the Erasmus+ Confirmation Traineeship sign from the internship coordinator in your guest institution.

After the end of your internship abroad

  • Send the Erasmus+ Confirmation Letter to the Erasmus+ coordinator Iris Ulbrich.
  • Fill the „EU-Survey“ as soon as you have received the request for it by email.
  • Take the 2nd online language test (OLS) as soon as you have received the request for it by email.

Please note that the SRH University Heidelberg is obliged by the DAAD/European Commission to collect personal data of all ERASMUS participants and to provide the European Commission with it. This procedure complies with the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). By signing the Erasmus+ documents, you confirm that you are aware of and consent to this agreement.

Good to know! FAQ

The duration of the stay is min. 2, max. 12 months. It depends on your study course when you can start. You can get the information from the internship office in your faculty or from your study dean. For a graduation internship you must apply as long as you are still enrolled, the internship itself can take up to 12 months after your graduation then.

The following internships are possible: Compulsary internships, voluntary internships and graduation internships within 12 months after graduation.

All German and international degree seeking students who have been studying at SRH university Heidelberg for at least one year are eligible for application. You can apply after you have found an internship and signed the internship contract.

  • For a stay starting before May 1, the deadline for the Erasmus+ application is March 15.
  • For a stay starting before December 31, the deadline for the Erasmus+ application is October 15.