General Studies: Soft Skills/Communication

Topic Soft Skills / Communication

Working in a team, coordinating a meeting, giving presentations, intercultural thinking – it goes without saying that these skills are required for all students. But what if the right words are missing? How can you deal with stage fright and speak freely?

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Language: English
Lecturer: Markus Ertelt (AOK)

Course description:

  • The most important information on the social security system in Germany
  • Intended for international students who just moved to Germany as well as job seekers
  • Possibility to ask personal questions on health insurance in Germany

Language: English
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. phil. Knut Eming / Vanessa Vierling

  • Debates with students of all faculties
  • Training of linguistic & argumentative skills
  • Confidence for oral exams, presentations or even the colloquium

Language: English
Lecturer: Ridha Mejri (M.A., D.E.A.)

Course description:

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the reasons for the differences between national cultures and how to handle & evaluate these differences
  • Learning especially what to consider when communication and negotiating with people from different cultures and how to motivate and lead them
  • Improving your intercultural competences & developing cultural awareness
  • Acquiring the basic terms of intercultural competences (e.g. stereotypes, the iceberg model, cultural dimensions, culture shock, etc.)
  • Strengthening your own self-confidence when dealing with other cultures

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