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Code of Conduct

Guiding our actions every day

Based on the strategy of SRH University Heidelberg and its Schools, the new university-wide Code of Conduct helps to ensure the implementation of the CORE principle.

The goal is to ensure that all stakeholders have a common understanding of the values, the behaviors and the common prospects for further development. The Code of Conduct expresses the expectations we set for ourselves and is also a promise to others:

  • The Principles ensure the implementation of the CORE principle
  • The Principles clarify our relationships with each other
  • The Principles serve as guiding recommendations for action
  • The Principles serve to secure economic and academic success
  • The Principles ensure transparency
  • The Principles are the ethical foundation of the university.

The following Principles do not replace any laws and regulations, but rather aim to express general university-wide values.

Every actor at SRH University Heidelberg is committed to equal treatment irrespective of ethnic origin, color, gender, disability, worldview, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, social origin or political opinion.

  • The learning objectives of our curricula awaken our curiosity and encourage our independence, and the new forms of learning arouse our enthusiasm for research and practice.
  • We act independently and responsibly within the University structures.
  • We act with respect in our personal and written exchanges with each other. Our communication is always transparent, direct and appreciative.
  • We help and support each other and work to find solutions together.
  • We participate actively and constructively in evaluation processes and give proactivefeedback. This makes us actors in the quality management of the CORE principle.
  • We encourage our learners through clearly stated learning objectives and inspire them with a variety of activating learning methods.
  • We communicate the task objectives clearly, critically examine them and continuously optimize our modules toward competence orientation.
  • We live an appreciative, transparent and target-oriented communication and promote it continuously at all levels.
  • We act as role models for our students and stand by their side with advice and assistance.
  • We live an open feedback culture, discuss evaluation results with the students and consistently apply the resulting measures in our learning activities.
  • We employ excellent heads of modules and provide a creative learning environment that is adapted to the CORE principle.
  • We are an important part of a larger whole. Organization charts, defined responsibilities and ever transparent operations ensure a clear distribution of tasks and responsibilities.
  • We communicate transparently, directly and appreciatively. We are committed to being respectful in our personal and written exchanges with each other and with others.
  • We cultivate interactions that are focused on resolving problems with all stakeholders at the SRH University Heidelberg and support each other.
  • We keep improving our services and participate constructively in evaluation processes.
  • We create enthusiasm among employees and learners. We motivate and encourage them.
  • We are responsible for the implementation of the University’s vision and study model, and put it into practice through clear organization and support each other.
  • We live respectful and target-oriented communication between all stakeholders and encourage our employees to do the same.
  • We take responsibility, breathe life into the CORE principle, are role models and always stand by our employees with advice and practical help.
  • We think and act like entrepreneurs, set goals, plan and implement projects and measures, and monitor results.

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