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Mission statement of SRH University Heidelberg

Mission statement of SRH University Heidelberg

We see ourselves as an interdisciplinary, scientific and open-minded educational institution. In the realisation of our academic goals we are guided by guiding principles in our actions.

Our guiding principles:

We pay attention to party-political, religious and ideological neutrality of our universities and their independence from the economic interests of third parties. We welcome students and employees regardless of their ethnic and social background and their respective gender. We attach great importance to intercultural experience and competence of our students and employees.

Every person is a unique personality and at the same time a social being. We therefore promote our students and employees as self-reliant thinking and acting personalities who are confident in their own abilities and skills and in partnership with others in our society actively participate in shaping the future. In doing so, we take into account the expectations and requirements of our students and employees and their perspective is important to us.

We consider the personal freedom and the freedom of others to be high and protective property. Creativity and innovation can only be created where people can freely develop their potential. Within our learning and teaching culture students therefore develop and realise their own attitudes, ideas and problem solutions. As free and responsible personalities, students and employees take responsibility for their attitudes and actions.

Our students and their personal development are our main focus. For this purpose we use in attendance and distance learning the combined findings of the CORE-principle and educational sciences on sustainable learning. The CORE principle focuses on student-centred and active learning as well as a learning and examination concept which is consistently adapted to the respective orientated competence goals. Learning contents are presented and edited in thematically related contexts. Application-oriented research is also an integral part of this component such as the use of digital media and the continuous training of our employees. Together with students, employees and external partners we create an environment for innovative and sustainable learning.

Through competence-oriented learning and application-oriented research our students are encouraged and challenged in such a way that they can develop their own profile, and have above-average chances on the labour market at the end of their studies. At the same time we maintain our national and international networks and integrate external partners and students into our research, product development and practice projects.

Our universities can then best live the above-mentioned values and rely on requirements of a constantly changing environment in a flexible, fast and optimal manner if they are managed in an entrepreneurial way. This requires strong leaders who are willing to take responsibility for the company and who can live up to taking over. In doing so, our managers pay attention to the SRH principles of good corporate governance. We are convinced that cooperation within the association will enable us to work together "better grow" and our joint network will open up perspectives that go beyond the possibilities of the individual universities.

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