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Our Commitment

We deliver!

The education we offer is innovative, creative, inter-active and supported by close collaboration between lecturers and students.

These are our commitments:

Throughout your study we are there to offer guidance, support and personal advice.

SRH offers:

  • Open door policy: professors and lecturers are always available for the students
  • Intensive learning experience through small study groups and inter-active teaching methods
  • Mentoring and coaching

92% of SRH students complete their studies within the regular study period (compared to 60% at public universities)

We listen to your needs. Our students have access to a solution-oriented range of services that support efficient and effective studying.

SRH offers:

  • No long waiting times for appointments e.g. study organization, examination office, etc.
  • A library which is open around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Modern classrooms and access to our university buildings also around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Advice on financing your studies, grants etc.

The CORE principle is characterized by active learning methods that promote independent learning. Through this innovative study model, knowledge and skills are imparted quickly and sustainably. Beside expert knowledge in their field of study, our students also develop comprehensive methodological, social and personal skills.


  • Students study intensively and inter-actively over a five-week period. Through participation motivation is sparked
  • Learning objectives, course contents and exams are aligned
  • Continuous feedback is given on your performance through regular testing thus keeping students on the right track
  • Opportunities are there for team building and mutual support

Our professors and lecturers work at the highest level of quality, from the conception of the programs and regular teacher-training to the publication of the most up-to-date researches.

SRH offers:

  • Quality assurance of teaching and internal processes
  • Ongoing development and innovation of our programs
  • Continuous further training of professors, lecturers and staff
  • Experienced professors and top practitioners

All curricula are aligned with the requirements of future job profiles. We combine theory and practice. This means that our students don’t just learn the required contents, but can also apply them in practice. This allows our students to quickly prove themselves in the workplace, making them attractive to future employers.

SRH offers:

  • Practical projects
  • Research projects in cooperation with institutes and companies
  • Many professors and lecturers are also practitioners in leadership or experts in their own fields thus fully aware of what employers want
  • Relevant and up-to-date teaching contents, methods and tests

We operate a dynamic network that includes leading experts, partners from various industries as well as former students. Networking at its best!

SRH offers:

  • Internships, study projects and the possibility to write your theses in institutes and companies
  • Guest lectures and excursions
  • Coaching and career counseling on site
  • High quality that employers trust

We see learning and professional opportunities for our students in an increasingly globalized world. We have adapted our programs to be up-to-date for the international workplace.

SRH offers:

  • Double Degrees
  • Classes in English
  • Degrees recognized abroad
  • Possibility of a semester abroad
  • Partnerships with foreign universities and institutions
  • International projects and local events in Heidelberg (International Week, Summer School, etc.)

Our campus in Heidelberg is a place for living as well as for studying. The environment creates an atmosphere of wellbeing that is conducive to successful learning.

SRH campus offers:

  • Short distances between the schools and university facilities
  • Modern and open architecture
  • Modern technology and equipment
  • Disability access
  • Cafeteria, library, dormitories and health club on campus - all on campus!

We believe in tradition and value experience but also the importance of keeping up to date with new development and competition in the international business world. Therefore, we are constantly developing new programs and improving existing ones. Our degrees fulfill the most demanding requirements both at home and abroad.

SRH is:

  • One of the oldest and largest private universities in Germany
  • State-recognized
  • Accreditation by ZEvA (Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency)
  • Top places in CHE ranking (the most detailed ranking of German-speaking universities)

Any questions? Then contact us!

Christiane Désiré


Leiterin Marketing & PR
Room arc 001
Ludwig-Guttmann-Straße 6
69123 Heidelberg
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