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Unsere Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision What we stand for

Unsere Vision

IMAGINE being part of a team with a PASSION for LEARNING and TEACHING and a common VISION. Imagine a university that allows you to DEVELOP your individual STRENGTHS, travel new roads and FORGE your own FUTURE.


At our university, students will find OPTIMAL TEACHING AND LEARNING CONDITIONS. We support our students INDIVIDUALLY on their way to developing successful personalities and PROACTIVELY care about our employees. At SRH University Heidelberg, activating learning and competence orientation are more than just slogans. WE ACT INTERNATIONALLY and truly live interculturality. We combine application-oriented RESEARCH AND LEARNING.

Our graduates are valued by employers, our employees are sought-after experts.

They say about us: “I would also like to study/work here”.

SRH University Heidelberg – the University with the CORE PRINCIPLE

A passion for learning and teaching!

Vision 2020

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Tanja Sitzer

Tanja Sitzer


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