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Virtual Class 2020: Interkulturelle Interaktion

Aufgrund der Corona-Krise haben wir die International Week durch eine interkulturelle Session ersetzt, mit dem Hauptziel die Interaktion und Vernetzung auch in Zeiten, in denen es nur Online-Meetings geben kann, zu fördern.


Studierende weltweit

SRH Hochschule Heidelberg

Einige Stimmen der Teilnehmer:innen:

“I really enjoyed this course. I feel as though the lessons I learned during the sessions, and the experiences I made while completing the tasks have helped me on my journey towards being a more fulfilled and aware person.”

“I have learned a lot of things on intercultural dimensions, interactions, culture shock, association, empathy and reverse culture shock. It would not be a long shot to say that I have been educated in an entirely different sphere of my education. This experience has most positively contributed to my character refinement and character building.”

“During the span of the course, I learned how to identify when one is stereotyping, and how to deal with it. I realized the dangerous effects it can have on the society, if we take action based on prejudices! The other important theme is culture shock. Every international settler goes through it, but the awareness is surprisingly low. Having the right type of people around you is very important, especially when living abroad. One should be open to learn and adapt to the new customs. We discussed the ways to combat the effect of culture shock, like depression, in the lectures. Adding the social distancing rules currently, tackling culture shock has become very significant.  “