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Campus Life
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Creativity meets romance

Campus Life Creativity meets romance

Campus life at the SRH University Heidelberg offers a unique atmosphere. Urban creativity meets romance – university-town tradition meets modern campus architecture.

Just a few minutes from the old town and the world famous castle overlooking the Neckar, one finds the vibrant modern campus life of the SRH University Heidelberg.

More than 3,100 students enjoy the direct communication between students and teachers and the short distances:

Library, shopping, banking, food and drinks, meeting friends, sports and culture – everything is available in close proximity to the glass SRH Science Tower. The campus provides a creative learning atmosphere that also benefits from the urban cultural offerings of the surrounding towns of Heidelberg and Mannheim. Nature and recreation can be found right by the Campus. The popular Neckar meadows are only a few minutes’ walk away, while the nearby Odenwald and the sunny vineyards of the Bergstraße will satisfy the needs of athletes and connoisseurs.