How to get enrolled

at SRH Heidelberg University of Applied Sciences

Step by step to enrolment

Below please find detailed steps to enrol at university and register with the city for the October 2021 Semester Start. At the end of each description you will find an explanation video of the topic by our International Office team. If you are struggling, please ask for help in the official SRH Whatsapp Groups or from the International Office directly. 

Step 1
Step 1

Get Health Insurance before arrival

  • Please note that by German law we can only enrol you if you can show proof of health insurance. If you are not enrolled, you cannot start your classes. You must have health insurance to open your bank account, apply for a residence permit, work and more.  A travel insurance is NOT sufficient.
  • Among others, we are in collaboration with the legal health insurance AOK, (one of the biggest legal insurances in Germany). You can contact the AOK expert Markus Ertelt ( He will send you the contract NOW, it costs about 105 € per month (money will be deducted from your German account AFTER arrival), and you are fully covered. You need the signed contract for online enrolment ( -> see STEP 2. You can also use this contract as a proof of health insurance during your visa application process).
  • European students with an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card): contact AOK, Markus Ertelt, and ask him to issue a letter certifying that you are insured, known as an exemption letter.
  • Of course it is up to you to decide which provider to take and to contact any other legal or private health insurance of your choice (TK, DAK, Barmer etc.).
  • Check the DAAD website for more information.

Step 2
Online enrolment, campus wifi, SMARTCARD (student ID) + Semester Ticket

Online enrolment

Given the special circumstances we will enrol you online, so that you can access the online student portal (CAMPUS-NET) even from your home country and will be able to follow the online courses. This is only a conditional enrolment as it is mandatory (after arrival and possible quarantine) that you submit your original documents in person once you reach Germany.

Deadline for Submission of Enrolment Documents: On or before the 25th of September 2021

Please send the following documents (scans or pictures) to

  1. Signed study contract
  2. Passport + Visa***
  3. Proof of health insurance (-> see step 1)
  4. Bachelor degree certificate
  5. Your permanent address in Germany (if you have it)

***Visa: you must demonstrate you have at least begun the visa process. We require proof of at least the visa appointments/VFS timeslot confirmation to enrol online - regardless of when the appointment will take place (You will be required to enrol in person once you arrive on Campus).

*** in the case that you receive your visa appointment after this date, you can enrol at the latest on or before the 15th of October – however, participation on the first day of class cannot be guaranteed due to processing times.

Please submit all of your enrolment documents by the deadline. This way we can ensure that we have you completely enrolled and ready to start your orientation and your courses on the first day of the semester.

Campus wifi

Once you are enrolled you will receive a “matriculation email” within 24 hours with a password to use for the online student portal CAMPUS-NET and Wi-Fi. You will be asked to change your password immediately. This will also automatically change your Wi-Fi password to the new password you created.

SMARTCARD (student ID)

In that “matriculation email” you will also receive instructions on how to upload your picture for your SMARTCARD (student ID). Once you have uploaded your picture, the SMARTCARD will be issued and ready for your arrival.

Semester ticket

If you would like a semester ticket to travel within and around Heidelberg at a fair price, you can buy one at a train station, the SMARTCARD Office on Campus, or even purchase it online. Be sure to take your Student ID with you to purchase and use the Semester Ticket. 

Step 3
Step 3

Arrival from Frankfurt Airport

  • by train: to Heidelberg Main Station.
  • by shuttle service to Heidelberg downtown Frankfurt Airport Shuttles. Seats should be booked in advance. Be prepared to pay the fare in cash.
  • by shuttle service door to door TLS Shuttle. Must be booked in advance. Be prepared to pay the fare in cash.
  • by FLIX-BUS: to Heidelberg Main Station. Must be booked in advance.

To reach the campus, take tram 5 to SRH Campus or Bus 34/35 to Bonhoefferstrasse.

Step 4
Step 4


Students can choose to live on campus or easily access the university via public transport. For a list of on campus options and recommended off campus website, check our homepage.

  • off campus: proceed to your accommodation as arranged with your landlord
  • on campus: Contact the landlord at Note that rooms are subject to availability and on a first come first serve basis.
Step 5
Step 5

City Registration at Citizen Office

Bürgeramt Wieblingen, Mannheimer Str. 259 – only for those living on campus. All the other students have to go to their local administration offices in person – find the address here. The International Office will cover this topic during orientation in detail.

Please bring the flollowing documents:

  • Passport & Visa
  • Rental contract
  • Registration form
  • Wohnungsgeberbestätigung (for students living off campus, this will come from your landlord)

Step 6 Opening a bank account

Step 7
Step 7

ROMIF & Code of conduct for SRH Campus and dorms

Please read, sign (by hand or digital signature), scan and send back the following documents to

Join our group SRH International & ERASMUS Students on Facebook and follow us on Instagram

Please join our group SRH International & ERASMUS Students on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to get more explanation videos and information.